Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey faithful followers!  Even though we didn't make our goal of 20 followers, I love you guys so much that decided to do the giveaway!

First, I made a list like this:

1.      Sydni

2.      Rebecca
3.      Jocelyn
4.      Mindy
5.      Michelle
6.      Tiffany Litchfield
7.      Tiffany Lloyd Houston
8.      Sharisse
9.      Jadestuff1013
10.  Sydni
11.  Rebecca
12.  Jocelyn
13.  Mindy
14.  Michelle
15.  Tiffany Litchfield
16.  Tiffany Lloyd Houston
17.  Sharisse
18.  Jadestuff1013
19.  Rebecca
20.  Jocelyn
21.  Mindy
22.  Michelle
23.  Tiffany Litchfield
24.  Tiffany Lloyd Houston
25.  Sharisse
26.  Jadestuff1013

Then I went to and it generated the number 5...which is my sister. I thought to myself: 'you can't pick your sister...they'll think it's rigged."

So I did another random number pick. It was 14.  Michelle again.  I guess the universe wants her to have clear sinuses!

So, Michelle, You are the WINNER!  Unless you already have a sinus rinse...let me know!

I'll keep doing giveaways and posting cleaning tips, so stay tuned.


  1. I'm trying to figure out why my profile name is "jadestuff1013" instead of Megan. Does anyone have any google-type knowledge that would fix this?

  2. No clue! I was wondering who you were! :) Ha!


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