Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not a cleaning tip....and a GIVEWAY?

This post isn't about cleaning...unless you consider irrigating the boogers out of your sinuses a type of cleaning...which I do.

Anyway. I am sick. Nigh unto death, as it were. For reals people, I feel like ___________ (fill in the blank--it's a Mad Lib!)

I am in Park City for the weekend with my Mumsie and Popsicle who are visiting and while I am blissfully happy to be in their company, I am so mad at myself for not packing my "nose bottle." This is my nose bottle:

It is NOT a neti pot. Neti pots are for pansies. The squeeze bottle allows you to really get all of the crap out of your sinuses. 

All you do is fill it with warm water, and then mix in a packet of the salt/baking soda stuff. Don't make your have to get the proportions just right. I say just fork over the few bucks for the packets so the water doesn't burn your nose.

Then you squirt the water into your nose hole. And watch the magic.  **DON'T WATCH the Youtube videos.** Sinus irrigation looks weird and scary. You will be freaked out and intimidated.  It is not scary. I swear.  It feels so good.

I don't rinse my nose everyday. But when I am having bad allergies or feel a cold coming on I will do it several times in a day.

I believe in the nose bottle. I haven't been to the doctor for a sinus infection in 3 years.  I used to have sinus infections every 4-5 months. I hated taking all of those antiboitics, so I am so glad to have found a natural remedy that works.

I feel like this cold might turn into an infection. And it makes me mad because it could have been prevented with my nose bottle. When I get home on Monday, the first thing I will do is wash out my nose!

I got a free Waterpik® SinuSense™ Neti Bottle in the mail a little while ago. I would love to give it away in my blog...BUT I have only two followers. (THANK YOU loyal 2 followers. I heart you).  

I will do a giveaway for this brand new sinus bottle if I get at least 20 followers by April 18th . All you have to do is follow and then post a comment. Get your friends to follow too! You know you want the nose bottle! I mean it is 15 bucks at Walgreens, and you can get one FREE!
Make it happen!

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  1. I'm a lurker, not a follower.... :) But I guess I'll follow you! Only cuz I love ya though!


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