Sunday, February 20, 2011

When do you have time to...?

I hate cleaning the shower.  It takes too much time and I always get soaking wet trying to rinse the walls.  So I devised an easy, but strange solution: I clean the shower right before I shower.

After I clean the house, or whenever I decide that the mildew can no longer be ignored, I spray the shower down with whatever I am using to clean.  For touch-ups I'll use the eucalyptus cleaner, but for once-a-month scrub downs I'll use something more heavy duty like Lysol bathroom cleaner or CLR.  I spray it and  leave it for a while and turn on the bathroom fan thing so I won't die of fumes.  10-15 minutes later I grab a scrubby sponge and get ready to shower. I hop it and scrub for a few minutes and then turn on the hot water.  I rinse down the shower and then do my regular shower routine.  It saves time and while I still get soaking wet from cleaning the least it is on purpose!

And that's why I have time to clean the shower.


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