Monday, February 21, 2011

Doing Laundry

Quick tip:  Don't use expensive, perfumed fabric softeners anymore! Just use white vinegar.

My husband has very sensitive skin, so I have to use a free and clear detergent.  But these leaves the clothes looking a little less white, less soft, and less fresh.  To boost the cleaning power of the detergent, and leave clothes softer, cleaner and whiter I fill a Downy ball with white vinegar and toss it in.  Vinegar also is great for colors too because it fights color fade.

When you remove the clothing from the washer, it may smell faintly of vinegar.  DON'T WORRY!  After the clothes dry in the drier or by air drying the smell will completely evaporate.

If you can't part with the fragrance of fabric softener, use a dryer sheet.  That will be enough fragrance.  I even tear my dryer sheets in half or reuse them for more than one load to save a few more pennies!


  1. Do you have an HE washer or a regular?

  2. I have a regular one, but the HE washers have a built in dispenser for fabric softener or bleach, so you should use that. Downy balls do not work in HE washers. aimee :)

  3. I love using vinegar. We had some smoke smell in our basement a few weeks ago from our fireplace, and I put a bowl of vinegar in front of it for a couple of days--it helped dissipate the smokiness. I also use it for cleaning water stains!

  4. Great idea Heidi! Vinegar will definitely be the focus of more blog posts to come! I sure do miss you! :)

  5. hey we use a cup of vinegar to remove the smell of mildew from old towels also.. works like a charm!


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