Friday, March 4, 2011

Rule #35 Use less=clean less

This rule applies to extra bedrooms and bathrooms. Basically, what I do is I never use my extra bathrooms or bedrooms so I don't have to clean them.  Maybe it sounds weird, but let me explain:

I grew up in a house with 3 bathrooms. One upstairs for the girls, one in the master suite and one powder room off of the laundry room. My mom discouraged us from using the powder room and reserved it only for visitors or guests.  I always thought that this was stupid. Until I had a house of my own.

Our house has 3 bathrooms too.  2 full upstairs and one 1/2 near the kitchen.  When we first moved in I gave Rodney a choice: he could use ALL the toilets if HE cleaned all the toilets. Or he could use ONE toilet and I would clean it.  This works great (when he follows the rule, anyway).  I just HATE cleaning "boy" toilets. So I will clean ONE.  And only ONE.

When we have guests or visitors, I can feel confident that the bathroom is just as clean and fresh as I left it last time I cleaned.  I generally sanitize and spot clean them once every two or three weeks.  Before and after a guest comes to stay, I deep clean the bathroom.

For guest rooms, I just keep the door closed and no one goes in there, so it's always neat and tidy.

My Husband hates this rule, but it falls under rule # 1 : clean smarter, not harder.

Following this advice will save you lots of time especially if you are using and cleaning all  bathrooms in your house on a weekly basis.

Random Pet Peeve: I hate in when we have male visitors or guests and they leave the toilet seats up.  Maybe it's okay with your wife, but you're in MY house, so leave it like you found it! :)

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